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Holidays on Campus

ClarkU Hillel offers a variety of ways to celebrate the Jewish Holidays​. Holiday events are largely organized by the Holidays and Traditions committee, and images from past events may be found on their page.

High Holidays:

We do not have on-campus services, but students are welcome to attend Synagogues in the area, for free! Our Hillel can help facilitate that. On campus, we occasionally host a pre-Rosh Hashanah dinner and a Yom-Kippur break fast. We also throw a Rosh Hashanah New Year's Bash!


We build our own Sukkah to celebrate the holiday, and we host events in it.


Whenever the holiday falls during the semester, we have an annual Hanukkah party and light candles. This party is normally on the first night, but can be any night depending on scheduling. In the past we have also gathered to light candles on the other nights, for those interested in lighting together.


We host a Purim party or "Purim Carnival" every year to celebrate the holiday. Highlights include "Pin the ear on the Haman," temporary tattoos, Hamantaschen, and of course showing up in costume. 


During Passover, Kosher meals are available for all students, and we host a Seder which, depending on availability that year, may be student-led or led with the help of a generous rabbi. 

Depending on the E-Board and the academic calendar, ClarkU Hillel provides programming for the additional holidays as well.


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